Cosmic Space Attack 48K - Free Demo

Cosmic Space Attack - ZX Spectrum 48K - Free Online Demo

Emulation powered by JSSpeccy

Cosmic Space Attack - ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum 48K / Windows or Linux PC
Save humanity from 8-bit alien invasion in this frantic shoot'em up for the 48K ZX Spectrum, emulators, or PC - complete with vintage CRT display simulation. There's no time to lose!
Cosmic Space Attack is a modern retro game, newly created for the 48K ZX Spectrum.
Suitable for use with original vintage machines, ZX Spectrum emulators on any operating system, or as a standalone application for PC. The PC version also includes a CRT display simulation, complete with phosphor persistence, screen curvature and adjustable CRT controls.
Game Controls
  • Z - Left
  • X - Right
  • P - Thrust
  • L - Fire
System Requirements - PC Game
  • Windows 7 or newer, or Linux e.g. Ubuntu 20.04LTS.
  • Graphics card with OpenGL support.
  • 64Bit intel or AMD x86-64 compatible CPU.
  • USB Game controller or arcade stick (optional).
Paid Download
  • Audio files for loading directly into ZX Spectrum computers.
  • Ready-to-run game for Windows or Linux PCs including a built-in CRT display emulation.
  • .tap and .tzx files for 48K ZX Spectrum emulators.
Free Demo
  • .tap and .tzx files for 48K ZX Spectrum emulators.
Demo Limitations
Demo download contains only the .tap and .tzx files, game play is time limited to approximately 60 seconds.
Purchase - For ZX Spectrum, Emulators and Windows / Linux PCs
Purchase - For ZX Spectrum and Emulators Only
Download Free Demo
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